We blend e-learning with in-person facilitation for best results on workplace DE&I

There is no problem people cannot solve when they come together with a common vision to create a world where the best expressions of who they are and desire to be are respected, protected and supported. – Dumi Senda

Free Initial Consultation

A free consultation call enables us to design the right diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) learning journey for your organisation, based on understanding your challenges, blockages and opportunities. We love to hear how the learning needs of your people fit in with your organisational vision and goals, to provide solutions that are coherent and impactful for your business.

What to expect from an initial consultation

We understand that it is not always easy for prospective clients to know what steps to take, particularly in addressing challenges such as inappropriate and un-inclusive behaviors in the workplace. Our DE&I specialists are highly experienced and knowledgeable at providing clarity for our clients, through asking ‘powerful questions’ that help to uncover actual rather than merely perceived needs.

The free consultation helps us to understand the status of DE&I in the organisations of our prospective clients; gauge where they are relative to where they desire to be on their DE&I journey, benchmark the best starting place to generate the most momentum and bring all their people along, and recommend what the DE&I learning journey could consist of for best results in-line with the business vision and goals.

Blended Online Learning

Based on the initial consultation, we will design a bespoke DE&I learning journey on an interactive online platform, providing an active, blended, shared, and supported learning environment. Unlike traditional e-learning solutions that provide passive, isolated and unsupported learning experiences, our blended online learning provides social learning not only during in-person live workshops but also during self-paced personalised learning for cohorts.



This approach enables us to help our clients effectively support their people to connect more deeply through sharing a learning journey in the same environment. Learners are prompted to share their reflections with their cohort during and after completing each module, enabling the exchange of ideas and insights. Interactive group exercises help to connect the learning to the workplace context and the lived experiences of learners, which enhances empathy between colleagues and drives positive behaviour change.



While enjoying a social learning environment, each learner will have the added benefit of learning at their own pace, which research shows drives higher learner engagement and participation than requiring people to attend training on a specific date and time with no flexibility. Additionally, learners have the ability to further personalise their learning experiences through individual activities geared at supporting the development of positive behaviours and habits throughout the DE&I learning journey and beyond.


Specialist Supported

Throughout their learning journey, learners have the support of a dedicated DE&I Specialist. They can message the specialist directly on the online platform with their questions. However, where inquiries are not of a sensitive nature, learners are encouraged to post questions in the “community message board” to enable group learning. Having specialist support will enable learners to the soundboard on ideas and concepts they do not understand, making their learning more effective.



Research shows that most DE&I training solutions do not result in desired behavioral change, because they do not provide meaningful and timely feedback to learners. Our active learning environment provides numerous touch-points for learners to understand the progress they are making as a cohort and individually. Through a mix of quantitative and qualitative data sets, from self, group, and expert-led evaluation, learner progress is tracked and measured and feedback is given to clients along with recommendations for further development.

How the Blended Online Learning will be facilitated for your people

Following the initial consultation, we will design a bespoke DE&I learning journey made up of as many modules as necessary to address the needs identified. Each module will address a particular topic and will be made up “courses” that address key areas of the topic. By selecting the right combination of pre-recorded topics and courses, we enable our clients to tailor their DE&I learning journeys to address specific learning needs while keeping costs low. Further customisation of learning journeys is achieved through developing a bank of resources and interactive exercises based on the client’s vision and goals, to enhance the learning experience.

Following the design of the Customised Online Learning journeys, leaners are allocated their cohorts, based on agreed cohort sizes for an optimal learning experience. Onboarding is supported by a short video outlining what learners can expect. The learning takes place one module a time, in a staggered way, until leaners go through all the modules. Learners can return to modules they have covered to go over any content they wish to, which enables higher knowledge retention. To successfully complete a module, learners must complete all activities in the module. Learners receive prompts to maintain high engagement and ongoing support from their dedicated DE&I specialist.

Live Virtual Workshops

  • Clients can book Live Virtual workshops on any topic within or outside of their learning journeys to deepen group/team learning
  • Where possible, facilitation of Live Virtual workshops is done by DE&I specialists with a lived experience on the chosen topic for optimal impact and relatability for learners

As learners would have gained basic knowledge on various DE&I topics through our E-learning modules, our Live Virtual Workshops (LVPs) focus more on helping learners to further connect their learning to their practice in the workplace, rather than on the basic information-sharing that dominates traditional DE&I training sessions. This helps to drive necessary behaviour change in line with the values of the business.

Our Live Virtual Workshops (LVWs) are delivered with energy and passion by our DE&I specialists. LVWs are offered on-demand, either as complementary sessions to E-learning or as standalone packages. The LVWs bring DE&I learning, on a wide variety of topics, even closer to your workplace context and the lived experiences of your people. Unlike traditional DE&I training sessions, our LVWs are not dominated by abstract information-sharing, rather they focus on generating an understanding of how to apply learning in the workplace through adopting the necessary behaviours, practices, and cultures.



We will not develop, let alone deliver a workshop without first hearing and understanding your needs. Our obsession is delivering impact for our clients, and by tailoring our workshops to address the challenges you point out to us, we can help you to… you guessed it… create workplaces that work best for all, not just some of your people.


Highly Interactive

You may have noticed that the term “training” is not part of our vocabulary. Our experience has shown us that training is centered on the trainers rather than the learners. We believe the best outcomes come from putting learners in the driver’s seat of their learning experiences. Our workshops give learners opportunities to explore their own ideas and relate learning to their lived experiences through interactive activities and group discussions guided by coaching-style questions.



Have you ever attended ‘workplace training’ where you struggled to stay awake? Most of us can remember such an experience. A key reason why we are turned off by such ‘training sessions’ is their focus on information-sharing rather than creating relevance for learners. Our workshops are infused with workplace-based scenarios and interactive activities developed to enable learners to connect their learning to their lived experiences through the stories and insights they share with one another.



You will not hear us mention “off the shelf” when we speak about our services. We believe all our clients are unique and deserve our very best care and attention when designing DE&I learning solutions for them. That is why our starting point is always to hear your story about what is working well, what is getting in the way of the success you desire, and what opportunities for growth we can identify together. Thus, enabling us to curate workshops that address actual rather than merely perceived needs of all your people, while keeping costs low for you.

How Live Virtual Workshops will be facilitated for your people

To book our Live Virtual workshops (LVWs), simply complete an online inquiry, indicating whether you are an existing client with a live Online DE&I learning package or new to working with Titese. Following your inquiry, you will receive a link to book a free consultation call with one of our DE&I specialists. During the consultation, you can discuss your needs and outline your desired outcomes, which will enable us to recommend a suitable package, with the right type and number of LVWs for you.

As our LVWs are bespoke, there will be a lead time from inquiry to delivery, which includes time to design the content, slides, activities and any supporting materials agreed such as videos and scenarios. Bear in mind that the delivery timeframe will be availability dependent, and the sooner you secure your slots the more likely you are to avoid disappointment. The sessions will be delivered by our DE&I specialists on an online platform that suits your needs the best between Zoom or Teams.

Premium Face-to-Face Workshops

Our bespoke face-to-face workshops are curated to equip senior managers and leaders that have strategic responsibility for developing and driving the DE&I agendas of their companies with the necessary awareness and know-how to do so effectively. The workshops are practical and hands-on, and enable delegates to leave with steps they can apply in their teams, departments and across their organisations right away. The workshops are typically one full day (but can be several days depending on client needs). The workshops are supported by resources such as a workbook developed for delegates to leave with insights they can build on after the learning journey. Best suited for senior managers and leaders that want to start DE&I journeys in their organisations but do not know where to begin or want to scale the impact of existing initiatives.



Our face-to-face workshops enable senior managers and leaders to develop coherent and impactful DE&I strategies for your organisation.



Our face-to-face workshops are bespoke and will be designed to meet actual rather than merely perceived needs to give you the best results possible.



Our face-to-face workshops for senior managers and leaders are supported by resources designed to enable learners to achieve the best results.



Our aim is to support your senior managers and leaders to drive team and organisational growth through coherent and impactful DE&I strategies.

Why you should subscribe to Titese Premium Training

Research shows that leaders that are inclusive can drive the growth of their organisations up by 70%, through increasing team morale, hiring and retaining diverse talent, and role modelling good practice. This shows that leaders play a critical role in the success of DE&I strategies and we want to ensure that your leaders have the necessary motivation, awareness and knowhow to lead your company to success through your DE&I strategy.

You wouldn’t build a house with no plan, as it is bound to not be fit for purpose. Consensus shows that most organisations globally are not getting a good return on investment (ROI) from their DE&I initiatives. A key reason for this is poor strategic design and planning. Our face to face workshops take your senior managers and leaders on a learning journey to stop the tide of failing DE&I initiatives through coherent and impactful DE&I strategies.


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