Black History Month Talk

Everyone has a personal story from lived experiences that have impacted their sense of self and passions. But not everyone is confident about sharing their story or drawing on it to shift and shape their career trajectory and timeline.

“Come and be inspired by this Black History Month (BHM) talk by Dumi Senda, speaking about how his experience of growing up as an “outsider child” in Zimbabwe and being an “immigrant” in the UK shaped his passion for equality and led to his work with organisations on DE&I.”

— Dumi Senda, Titese

The talk also highlights key insights on how to make workplaces more racially equitable, drawing on narratives of Black, Asian and Latinx employees during “lived experience roundtables” conducted by Dumi across multiple sectors.

Known as the “Rags to Impact Coach”, Dumi has worked with top global organisations across five continents on DE&I and he is the incoming DE&I Lead for BBC England. He founded Titese, a company which delivers blended online and in-person DE&I learning for teams. 

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