Our Approach

Blended Online DE&I Learning Supported by Specialists.

Businesses should not have to choose between the flexibility of e-learning and the specialist support of in-person facilitation on DE&I learning services.

Titese Blends E-learning with In-person Facilitation, so businesses get the best of both worlds! Our approach is based on providing DE&I Learning Journeys that are tailored to the needs of our clients.

Our extensive experience of supporting businesses across several sectors and continents, under our predecessor coaching and consultancy brand Dumi Senda Ltd, has shown us that rigid approaches impose limitations on DE&I learning such as

  • Inflexibility limiting attendance and or engagement
  • Lack of specialist support limiting learner confidence and understanding
  • Isolated learning limits connection and shared learning

By blending E-learning and In-person Facilitation, Titese removes the glass ceiling to provide businesses with DE&I learning services that have depth, flexibility, and specialist support. Our blended methodology relies on a mix of pre-recorded courses, interactive individual and group exercises, bespoke live virtual and face-to-face workshops, and a bank of downloadable resources to give our clients the best impact while keeping costs low.


Behavioural Factors

We help our clients effectively tackle exclusionary behaviours and attitudes in the workplace, by facilitating DE&I learning that explores and addresses underlying factors which cause and reinforce inappropriate and unwanted conduct.


Structural Factors

We help our clients to adopt a holistic approach to DE&I, by equipping leaders with the awareness and know-how to support behavioural and cultural change in the workplace with coherent strategies, processes, and policies.


Cultural Factors

We help our clients to embed best practices into organisational cultures, by facilitating DE&I learning that turns behavioural change into sustained habits to support and normalise desired cultural shifts.


Learning Needs

Through our holistic approach to DE&I learning, we support our clients across three key developmental aspects of DE&I, which are Behavioral change, Structural change and Cultural change, or what we call the Golden Triangle of Learning Needs.

Supported by DE&I Specialists

  • Expert-driven initial online consultation
  • Identification of roadblocks and goals
  • Design bespoke online DE&I learning journeys that can be delivered across your company

Our approach puts the needs of our clients front and centre of everything we do. Beginning with a free consultation call with one of our DE&I specialists ensures that clients have the right guidance from the get-go in understanding their needs and the best solutions to generate the desired impact.

Our cross-sector and international experience positions us well to work with clients with complex needs. including requirements to facilitate DE&I learning across multiple territories and time zones. Our specialism includes helping organisations to scale their DE&I learning to thousands of employees across organisations, from top leadership executives to frontline staff and volunteer roles.

By providing the correct diagnosis of pain points through our DE&I specialists, we help our clients to direct their efforts and resources on actual rather than merely perceived problems. Thereby boosting return on investment (ROI) for clients through our highly impactful DE&I learning journeys.

Focused on Client Needs

  • We will focus on your employees while keeping the business objectives as the final goal
  • We will track progress and make recommendations accordingly
  • We will help you to embed DE&I into existing talent and business processes

During onboarding to our active web platform, learners are allocated to their cohorts for the duration of the learning journey. Within their cohorts, learners will access modules focusing on specific DE&I topics, which they go through supported by a DE&I specialist and their peers.

As learners progress from module to module, they will be prompted to:

  • Share reflections on what they have learned
  • Complete a questionnaire testing their knowledge
  • Participate in a group exercise to relate learning to the workplace context
  • Complete individual activities that drive positive behaviours and habits

Learners will also access games which provide more opportunities for social learning in a fun and social way. Collectively, the various touchpoint gives learners opportunities to gain self-awareness, challenge their assumptions about themselves and the world around them and reflect on how what they have learned applies to their workplace contexts and can help them improve their individual and collective behaviours, practices, and cultures.

To ensure that learners are sufficiently supported throughout their learning journeys, they will have the ability to send any inquiries they may have directly to their allocated DE&I specialist through the web platform. This gives learners the benefit of personalised support, which can be helpful particularly when they have inquiries of a sensitive or confidential nature.

Learners can also ask questions and or share reflections with peers via a message board in their cohorts or broader ‘community’ made up of colleagues from their organisation. This further enhances an important social and collaborative learning experience, particularly on a subject such as a workplace DE&I.

Highly Interactive and Impactful

  • We facilitate highly engaging learning activities developed to suit your workplace context
  • Our learning journeys are developed to be highly interactive to enable learners to learn from shared insights with colleagues

We bring learning close to the workplace environment and as aligned as possible with the day-to-day activities of our learners.

After participating in our DE&I learning journeys, learners will leave feeling more informed, confident, and able to apply their learning to their day-to-day interactions, activities, and relationships. We ensure that the application of learning is integrated into learning journeys, so the impact is a core outcome of the learning experience, not an afterthought.

Our bank of resources developed to support DE&I learning includes scenario-based videos developed to illustrate how unwanted and un-inclusive behaviours manifest and their impact if left unaddressed in the workplace. The scenarios can be developed to address key pain points highlighted by clients during the initial free consultation call.


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