About Titese

Titese means “We Are Together” in the Zimbabwean Shona language

Inspired by our Founder’s upbringing in a culture where gathering around a fire to learn from one another through sharing stories is common practice.

The brand evolved from a coaching and consultancy service, under Dumi Senda Ltd, into a Blended Online solution to facilitate gathering around the proverbial fire to learn diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) together.

Our Vision

To help create a world where everyone feels empowered to be authentic.

We believe to be authentic is to be fully alive!

Our Mission

To help businesses upskill their people on DE&I.

To inspire teams to connect on a deeper level.

To empower individuals to take personal responsibility for their conduct.

Our History

Started in 2016 by our Founder Coach Dumi Senda, as a coaching and consulting service under the predecessor brand Dumi Senda Ltd, Titese has evolved into a Blended Online solution to give businesses an impactful service at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions. Titese caters to businesses that need to start or scale their DE&I journeys through upskilling their people to take personal and shared responsibility for best practice and more inclusive behaviors and cultures in the workplace.

Our Motivation

The Desire
To help businesses become the best versions of themselves to attract, nurture and retain the best talent from different backgrounds.

The Commitment
To deliver best in class DE&I learning solutions that respond to company and individual needs without straining limited budgets.

The Belief
In quality relationships to support the development and growth of employees throughout their life cycle in a company.

The Trust
In collaborative approaches to learning that put each individual in the driver’s seat of their training journeys.


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